2013-12-20 22.37.05Ms. Joy made it down to Toronto despite wintery conditions and had a weekend of rocking. Friday night she played with Fish Taco Picnic – the recording of which was sadly erased when Garageband crashed… Sunday, trapped inside by Toronto’s Ice Storm, she jammed with her brother jep.


This is the demo of our Joy’s new song I Won’t Be Gluten Free When I’m Dead.

I’m gonna swim in a bowl of Cheerios
I’ll sleep on a birthday cake bed
There’s no allergies in Heaven
I won’t be gluten free when I’m dead

Chef boy ar Dee I adore thee
Jujubes I thought you were mine
What I wouldn’t give for some uncrumbly bread
I won’t be gluten free when I’m dead

I want a piece of uncrumbly bread for once
I tried a bite and I was sick in the stomach for months
What on earth is wrong with me?
My life is a sort of misery
I won’t be gluten free when I’m dead

Can you believe I have to worry about nachos?
Who would have thought there’d be wheat in nachos?
Potato skins too – what am I gonna do?
I won’t be gluten free when I’m dead

by Joy and Jeff Clayton, 2013


Joy recently made the trek to play with her brother’s band in Toronto, having spent much of the year training her magical spiderfingers for a rock-out. Here’s a video of her magical interpretation of Separate Ways – which she and her bro spent many hours listening to when they were kids.

What a solo-er!

Summer, 2009, Joy swings into the T-Dot for a recording session with a brilliant premise: let’s do a tribute to the 80s classic The Lost Boys. Here are the results. I believe you’ll agree: Joy Clayton is a rock and roll vampire.

I Still Believe

Beauty Has Her Way

This is Joy Clayton rapping along with a looped sample from the original Wham Rap; recorded last year in Toronto.

Wham Rap!

Here’s Joy playing along with the Police, a song from Synchronicity. Joy’s playing a couple of instruments on this – keys and a bass – along with the original track.

Wrapped Around Your Finger

Joy recorded this song back in the winter of 2006 in her brother’s basement. The song is by Sting, from the live album he did after Dream of the Blue Turtles – called  Bring on the Night.

Joy recorded her vocal right over this track about seven times, and the effect in the end was pretty beautiful. Check it out:


Joy’s been rocking out with classic early-80’s Genesis and Rush lately! When she gets to record Tom Sawyer and Mama we’ll post them here. In the meantime, we’ll be posting previous Joy Clayton recordings.

Let’s start with the tunes she chose to record last spring in Toronto: Closer to You and Diamond Sun, by Glass Tiger.joyandgt

Closer to You – Joy and Glass Tiger

Diamond Sun – Joy and Glass Tiger

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